Escape to Find Her Destiny

My novel tells of woman’s search for safety and the family she found in Destiny.

One fateful night changed Angie’s life. She found love, but she also found danger. Nothing about her life was the same after that night. Instead of the boredom of her old life, she found the courage to make a new life. Now
that she had found the man she loves, she would have to leave him behind.

To avoid endangering her son, Angie is forced to flee to Northern Michigan to a new family and new friends, but most importantly to a place where for the first time she feels she belongs, Destiny. Angie finds herself at the center of an ever-growing family, a family that is drawn together by their common need for love and support. Her strength comes from how much they depend upon her, but mostly because she feels needed and loved. But, until the day her true love comes home, she will not truly feel safe. Vicki Long’s novel reveals the true meaning of family.

The Destiny Family is a trilogy.


Although she had never been to the club on a weeknight, Angie thought it seemed busy. Zack met her at the door. Her heart did a little flip-flop as it always did when she saw him. A combination doorman, bouncer and bartender, Zack Wilson had worked at the club for about a year. He always greeted Angie with a warm smile that made her feel like a giddy schoolgirl. His blue eyes would twinkle when he smiled. A full beard and mustache covered most of his face, and his dark wild blonde hair was worn long, almost to his shoulders. She thought he was handsome, but was
curious what he would look like, if he had a haircut and trimmed his beard. She always got the feeling that he was hiding behind all that hair.

Angie followed him to the bar where she usually sat. Angie couldn’t help but notice how broad and muscular his shoulders were, and how nice he filled out his tight jeans. As he turned to say something to her, she blushed and hoped he didn’t realize that she was studying him so closely.

“Barb’s in the kitchen. She should be out in a few minutes.” Again their eyes met and Angie got the feeling that he was looking for something deep in her soul. Smiling, he turned away. This was not the first time Angie had studied Zack when he wasn’t looking. She was so lonely that she would fantasize about Zack. Many times while sitting at the bar she would wish she wasn’t married.

Psychic Psychiatrist Pursues Homeless

Hacker New mystery novels tell of woman’s ability to discover secrets through drawing

When psychiatrist Janet Leigh picks up a pencil and paper to create a drawing, she finds insight into people’s lives, both in the past and future. In Vicki Long’s book, Deadly Perception, Janet’s gift helps her make some new friends and leads her into a strange mystery that she must help solve in order to save the lives of her homeless friends.

Janet, new to New York, decides one warm spring day to eat lunch in Riverside Park, and she begins going there almost every day to draw. As she draws the likeness of people in the park, she starts to see into their lives and learn about them. This gift draws her into the complex lives of many of the homeless people that frequent the park. Through her ability to see into their lives, she is able to help a few. Although she meets resistance from some, she is fueled by the desire to help others.

When some of her new homeless friends are found stabbed to death, Janet teams up with a handsome detective, Sam Warren, and the two work together to find the killer before anyone else is harmed.


It was through her work with another unfortunate teenager that she happened to meet Detective Sam Warren, again. Actually the young man who was in trouble was his nephew, Tim. Janet had talked to Tim a couple of times at the high school and had hoped she was making progress. Tim found out the hard way how dangerous it was to get involved with a gang. One of his friends has talked him into going with him to where the gang hung out. They got swept up in the crowd and found themselves in the middle of a street fight. Tim picked up a lead pipe he had found in an alley, but the others had knives. When confronted by someone much larger than himself, yielding a knife, he didn’t have a chance. Lying on the pavement, he saw his friend and three others fall before he passed out. One of the lucky ones, Tim ended up in the hospital in serious condition. Sam came to the hospital as soon as he heard and sat with his sister, Annie, while Tim was in the operating room. His recovery was slow, but after three days he was able to leave the ICU to go to his own room.

It was about this time that Annie called Janet and asked if she would talk to her son. The doctors had told Annie that his body would heal quickly, but it might take longer for the emotional scars to heal. Janet was standing outside Tim’s hospital room talking to Annie when Sam walked up to them. Annie introduced Sam to Janet.

Sam offered her his hand in greeting. “Janet, it’s nice to see you, again.” Sam held on to her hand a little longer than necessary, wanting to prolong the moment.

A warm heat rose from his hand to flutter wildly in her belly. Not used to this type of reaction from just a handshake, she slipped her hand out of his grasp as soon as she could. “It’s nice to see you again, Detective.”


“Sam.” Uncontrollably her eyes took in his ruggedly handsome features and tall muscular build. “I have to get back to the office.” She pulled her eyes away from his to look at Annie. “I’ll check my schedule once I get back to the office and then we can set up a few more sessions this week.”

As Janet walked towards the elevators, Sam watched her shapely figure. He didn’t realize his sister was talking to him until she shook his arm.

Surprised at his interest in Janet, Annie couldn’t resist teasing him. “I haven’t seen that look on your face in a long time. She’s single, you know.”

Sam smiled at her, lifting his eyebrows and grinning. “Why is she here?”

“She counsels teens at the high school. Tim has talked with her twice before and made some progress. He likes her so I asked her to talk to him. She’s a psychiatrist.”

“Yes, we met before. She also helps the homeless.”

Annie was happy for some distraction from her son’s problems. “Interested?”

“Maybe, but no matchmaking. What happens happens.” The doctor arrived and they both forgot about Janet for a while.

The next day, Sam walked in on a deep discussion between Janet and Tim. “Jake’s been my friend since we were three. I trusted him. They tricked him, like they tricked me. We had no idea what we were walking into.”

Unaware of their audience, Janet continued their discussion. “Jake paid a high price. Do you expect me to believe that the other guys didn’t talk? Didn’t they tell you some of what was going on?” Tim didn’t argue. “They made the gang sound cool.”

While they talked, she sketched Tim and the room. In the background she sketched the street fight as she saw it, asking Tim questions. Her notes filled the margins.

Once Tim noticed his uncle standing by the door, all conversation stopped. Janet was not amused. “Don’t you know how to knock?” The spell was broken; they wouldn’t get any more done so she closed her drawing pad and prepared to leave.

Sam realized his mistake. Tim was staring out the window, not sure how much his uncle had heard. Janet touched her patient’s arm, before leaving the room without saying a word to Sam.

He followed her out of the room grabbing her arm. “You don’t have to leave.”

“We’re done for the day.” Janet said, giving him an icy look until he released her arm.

“I’m family. My being there shouldn’t bother you or Tim.”

“You are still a police detective.”

“That’s my job.”

“Next time, wait outside so I can do my job.”

Sam watched her walk briskly down the hall towards the elevator. He should be sorry he upset her, but all he could do was smile. She was gorgeous when she was mad. Her eyes flashed fire. Sam wondered if that was the only time her eyes caught that spark. Their paths did not cross again for several months.

Forgotten Island


At some point, he must have dozed off, but woke with a start. A pregnant lady with a little boy was spreading out a blanket where Abbie had been. Sitting up, he could see her walking towards the boardwalk that went to the street. Jumping up, he grabbed his pack, towels, and shoes and ran to catch up, shoving things into his pack as he walked. Once he was on the boardwalk, Justin’s eyes searched for her and saw her crossing the street towards a blue compact car.

“Abbie! Abbie!” He called out as he ran across the street without even looking for traffic. At midday, beach-going tourists and locals were coming and going. Horns blared. Brakes screeched. Justin looked back at a black SUV that had to stop suddenly to miss him. Still running, he did not see the red convertible speeding towards him. Its driver was busy chatting on her cell phone. Finally seeing him, she screamed and hit the brakes. As the car struck him, Justin was thrown on to the street. Fortunately, his backpack kept his head from hitting the pavement. His right leg was not so lucky.

“Are you crazy?” Abbie came running. “Are you trying to kill yourself?” Justin sat up and started to stand, but felt a flash of pain when he tried get up. A policeman ran up to them. “Let’s get you out of the road. Can you walk?”

“I think my leg is broken.” Justin said as he tried to stand.

“We need help. Jerry?” He motioned for someone he knew to help. “Let’s get his shoulders and make a chair with our arms. Miss, can you support his leg?”

“Put him in my car. I’ll take him to the hospital.” Abbie suggested. “Where is the closest hospital?”