Are Advertising and Publicity the same thing?

Both will help you promote your business, but the difference is all about $$$ (Money).

Any type of media will gladly sell you advertising, but publicity is free.

Unlike Advertising, which you must pay for, publicity is what you seek and pray to get for free.

So how do you get publicity? Just Ask. There is a little more to it than just asking, but the key is that is does not hurt to ask for publicity. How you ask may have a lot to do with your success in getting free publicity.

Getting publicity takes initiative, creativity and persistence.

Knowing who to ask is the first step. Usually there is one person who is in charge of community feature stories. Do some research, ask around, and narrow it down to that one person or one email.

Publicity is generally given for events.


  • Grand opening for your business
  • Free comic book day
  • Food drives
  • Book signings
  • Art Exhibits / demonstrations
  • Craft classes

Holding special events in your business is a great way to get publicity and to attract more potential customers to your business. An added benefit is when you are collecting food, clothing or funds for charity.

When you write a press release you are answering the questions:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

In addition to providing this information, it is good to tell a story. Why is this event significant? People love stories.

Tell a good story and you are more likely to get more publicity.


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